Our founders Hüseyin Zıngıl, Mehmet Zıngıl and Akın Zıngıl brothers build AGROTEK in 1998 and uses their 30 year experience of agricultural sprayers manufacturing for the company Our companies main aim from the first day is manufacturing efficent, economic and trouble free machines


Agrotek Spraying Machinery & Agricultural Technology Import Export Agricultural Products Industry Trade. Ltd. with senior management and all employees is to satisfy the customer expectations and needs with in the institutional and social responsibility we have and adhering national and universal laws, norms and rules, professional ethics and ethical values, with the principle of "Each time, full, complete , over the expectations, accurate and on time , impartiable and reliable. "


To create a management system for a continuous and healthy growth parallel to the global developments in the world, position and strength brand value of our company in the sector and be a leader and a model company at the industry


• Excellent delivery, superior craftsmanship
• Reliable and long-term durable products
• Effective production and maintenance time for both customers and company
• Customer complaints management in customer service
• Speciality at production, sales and service
• Customer benefits, technology, security, respect for the environment
• For every customer specificly , to investigate attractive financing opportunities to inform them
• Commitment to the delivery date
• Effective feed back in customer relations

''Our Policy'' To Manufacture The Best Product For the Customer With the Lowest Cost...

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